Regan Edens – General Manager Hoplite Industries on Minding The Gaps In Cyber Security

Our guest on this military veteran spotlight episode is Regan Edens, a U.S. Army veteran, former Department of Defense Civilian, and currently the General Manager of Hoplite Industries.

Regan is a Bronze Star awardee and the recipient of  Army Civilian Superior Service Award while serving as a DoD civilian.

Since leaving active duty Regan has enjoyed working in the private sector where he has directly contributed to the success of several technology startups.

During this interview Regan discusses the stark realities of the cyber security landscape and uses colorful metaphors to describe the current threat and what every company CEO, CIO, CTO and CISO can do to stop living in uncertainty and fear by adopting a more proactive strategy of “Active Network Defense in Depth” including expanding their situational security awareness outside their own network and into the “Deep” and “Dark” web.

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Jack Schoenberger

Jack Schoenberger is a retired U.S. Army special operations, and intelligence soldier and former corporate executive focused on getting business leaders the attention and resources they need to grow. When not hosting "The Small Business Evangelist Radio Show," Jack is a contributing writer for media outlets such as HuffPost and serves select clients as a business operations & marketing adviser.