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Today we have with us Peggy Salvatore, author of 30 Days to the New Economy: Your Role in History as an Internet Entrepreneur.

Internet entrepreneurs are building the New Economy by being able to respond instantaneously to real customers on the ground all around the world in real time. Due to this spontaneous development of the New Economy, today there are more people who don’t know how to run a business. Help is available, lots of it, online and much of it for free. For the monthly price of access to a service provider, anyone can learn, have, do or know just about anything or anyone.  Peggy’s book is intended to help Internet entrepreneurs begin to think through their enterprise.

About Peggy Salvatore

From startups to expansions and revitalizations, Peggy Salvatore specializes in providing clients with the strategic planning and change management skills needed to facilitate rapid growth in today’s “New Economy.”

Widely considered an expert in group and one-on-one management and staff training and instructional design, Peggy helps entrepreneurs develop the rapid-response analytical and tactical skills they need for application in sales and presentations, product and service market assessments, and in meeting facilitation, time and project management, as well as in the design and creation of effective public relations programs.

For More Information

Visit her websites, and  Her book is available here on Amazon.


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