Owner, CEO and Founder of RXestoratives Hair and Skin Wellness b/d/a RXHair Fix, the one and only Pamela “Hair DOC” Mair, in the latest episode of the Business Innovators Radio Network. In this up-and-close episode, Kurt interviews the Hair Loss and Skin Wellness professional about the ins and out of hair loss & thinning hair and what can be done to finally see some regrowth.

Pam the “Hair DOC” explained how her products help both women & men with Hair Loss and Hair Growth concerns.

About Pamela “Hair DOC” Mair 

Pam gives Informative Information and solutions pertaining to Hair & Scalp -Hair Care with emphasis on hair & scalp issues via suggested natural prescriptions.  A Licensed Holistic Nutritional Cosmetologist, a Hair Health Coach, Author & Educator, she’s also the manufacturer of an all-natural based hair & skincare product line, because of proven results and the many people she has assisted in Hair Growth- she’s known as the “Hair DOC”.

Areas of focus include Hair Loss | Hair Growth Products| Hair Falling Out | Skin Care, etc.

To learn more visit her company website at https://www.rxhairfix.com  or see her welcome video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTTHeqRm35U

Kurt Lucien

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