Texas Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney, the one and only Leigh Hilton of the Leigh Hilton PLLC, in the latest episode of the Business Innovators Radio Network. In this up and close episode, Kurt interviews the estate Planning attorney Leigh Hilton about protecting the two most important things in your life: Everything You Own and Everyone You Love. Leigh explained how her firm helps families with both these concerns. As you know, estate planning is ‘who’ gets your stuff when you die, trying to think through how to have your family protected. Elder law is Medicaid and veterans benefits. And she and her firm help them have the peace of mind that their family is protected when the circle of life has occurred.

About Leigh Hilton PLLC
Leigh Hilton PLLC is an Estate Planning and Elder Law Firm based in Denton, Texas with additional offices in Aubrey and Bartonville, serving the DFW Metroplex and Texas State as a whole. Areas of practice include: Estate Planning | Elder Law | Probate Law | Guardianships | Wills, Trusts & Estates

Learn more visit her company website at http://leighhilton.net/ or see her welcome video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0atnIfK8bw

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