Monetize Your Tribe’ Founder Steve Werner on Turning Your Passion Into a Full-Time Lifestyle Through Professional Speaking Events

Steven Phillip Werner is a professional speaker and trainer, and Founder of “Monetize Your Tribe,” where he works with business coaches, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to help them turn their passion into a full-time lifestyle through professional speaking events.

Steve is on a mission to help 100 entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches grow their business through holding a small event for maximum profit and impact in a single weekend.

On this episode of the Business Innovators Radio Podcast with Rick Brown, Steve shares his strategies for scaling your business through powerful presentation and profitable live speaking events.

To learn about Steve Werner and how he helps his clients, visit his website at or

You can also reach to Steve via email at or via LinkedIn.

Rick Brown

Rick Brown is a best selling author, host of Business Innovators Radio, and contributor to Business Innovators Magazine, covering Influencers, Innovators, and Trendsetters in small business.

He is a decorated Army combat Veteran and has worked in PR and the media for more than 25 years covering local, national, and international news makers.
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