Mike Shelah – Baltimore Business Consultant on LinkedIn Best Practices

Mike Shelah, founder of Mike Shelah Consulting, began sharing his insights and perspectives on LinkedIn in 2011, and since founding his own consulting firm in 2015, he has become a featured presenter at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, FOX News, and with companies and sales professionals nationwide to help them find more customers and find them fast, leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

In this episode, Mike shares his LinkedIn best practices for small business owners and sales professionals to help them more effectively use the social media platform, including the most important tips for reaching your desired point of contact.

To learn more about Mike’s LinkedIn best practices, visit www.MikeShelah.com.

Rick Brown

Rick Brown is a best selling author, host of Business Innovators Radio, and contributor to Business Innovators Magazine, covering Influencers, Innovators, and Trendsetters in small business.

He is a decorated Army combat Veteran and has worked in PR and the media for more than 25 years covering local, national, and international news makers.