In this episode, Luana Ribeira interviews the owner of Relationship Matters Therapy Lyndsey Murray who helps individuals and couples looking to improve their relationships and sex lives. 

Lyndsey sees clients from all different backgrounds, including those in the LGBTQIA+ community, those in ethical non-monogamous relationships, or anyone who is into kinky sex. Her philosophy regarding relationships and sex is that everyone deserves to have whatever type of relationship they want, whenever they want, with whoever they want (so long as it is legal and consensual, of course!). 

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IG @ lyndseymurraycst  

twitter @ lyndsmurraycst 


Luana Ribeira

Luana Ribeira is an actress, bestselling author, host of 'It's Luana' TV and Business Innovators Radio and founder of Dauntless PR.