In this episode, Luana Ribeira interviews the founder of Inner Strength Counseling, Catherine Cabrera

Catherine is the owner, founder, and mental health therapist of Inner Strength Counseling, LLC, and newly renowned international bestselling author of My Mess is My Message II. She is committed to supporting people living with anxiety, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and other mental health challenges. Inspired by her lived experience with anxiety and toxic relationships, Catherine strives to help her clients heal and find joy and prosperity through curiosity and compassion. She spent many years researching how various experiences impact the brain and the interconnection between thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns. After rediscovering her true identity and finishing her graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling, Catherine set out to help others heal and discover their inner strength. 

Combining psychology, research, and lived experience, Catherine facilitates her one-on-one sessions with the intention of learning about her clients – their experiences, hobbies, support systems, etc. – to tailor the therapeutic space to build on their strengths and interests, helping ensure the long-term success of her clients. Catherine utilizes curiosity, compassion, and a healthy dose of humor to help her clients learn more about themselves and build a healthy relationship with themselves and their emotions, highlighting their individual strengths to build confidence along the way. 
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