In this episode, Luana Ribeira interviews the founder of Concierge Couples Counseling and Licensed Couples Therapist Kendra Capalbo.

Kendra Capalbo is a licensed couples therapist and founder of Concierge Couples Counseling. She offers unique marital counseling and therapy services, Infidelity & Affair Recovery Therapy and Couples Sex & Intimacy Therapy.

Kendra is a firm believer that our romantic relationships are the nucleus of our lives, Kendra believes in the power of investing in those relationships as a key to overall success in life.

Learn more here:

IG: @kendracapalbo_couplestherapist

Luana Ribeira

Luana Ribeira is an actress, bestselling author, host of 'It's Luana' TV and Business Innovators Radio and founder of Dauntless PR.