James Powell – COO of Virginia-based Staffing Agency Lewis-Price & Associates on Workforce Solutions

James Powell is the Chief Operations Officer and self-described solution architect for Lewis-Price & Associates, Inc., a Virginia-based staffing agency that works with businesses across the U.S. to provide staffing solutions for growing companies.

Prior to joining Lewis-Price, James served with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education in the Washington, D.C. public school system, fulfilling roles as Deputy Chief Information Officer and Project Manager, where he helped that organization grow through management of the their  portfolio, internal staff resources, and vendors, and coordination between the organization’s programmatic divisions and IT.

On this episode of the Business Innovators Radio Podcast, James joins us to talk about helping businesses build their workforce by collaborating with a staffing agency like Lewis-Price.

Connect with Lewis-Price & Associates –
website – LewisPrice.com
email – info@LewisPrice.com
social media – @LewisPrice
phone – 703-727-9182.

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