Are you a self-employed professional or own an Agency? Do you offer a service or product that relies on sales opportunities? Has the task of hunting, chasing, and following up with ideal prospects consumed your life? To the point where you aren’t selling as much as you should and want to? What if you could delegate all the dirty work of chasing prospects to someone else so you could spend 100% of you time selling and closing the folks who are lined up for you on a silver platter? I’m talking about staying in the red zone and driving in sales one after the other.

Well that’s what we’re going to discuss today with my guest, James King Baskin. James is the founder of Outsource Kings, which allows business owners to regain their time and lives again. James is also the Author of the forthcoming book “Outsource Kings”, releasing late Spring 2020 on Amazon, B&N, and other booksellers.


Mark Imperial

Mark Imperial is a Best Selling Author, Syndicated Business Columnist, Syndicated Radio Host, and internationally recognized Stage, Screen, and Radio Host of numerous business shows spotlighting leading experts, entrepreneurs, and business celebrities.Mark is also the media and marketing strategist and voice for some of the world's most famous brands.