The Secret to Hiring the Best Talent:  Lessons from A Professional Baseball Scout-When the Stakes are High, What Do You Look For?

 The title of today’s interview is: The Secret to Hiring the Best Talent:  Lessons From a Professional Baseball Scout—When the Stakes are High, How Do You Discover and Hire The Right Talent?

Today, I’m talking with Gary Varsho, one of the best Talent Scouts in the Baseball Business.  Expert Gary Varsho is a Professional Scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates and a Former Professional Baseball Player for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Did you know that Scouts recommend players simply based on behaviors they observe?  They don’t talk with or engage players.  They observe them from the stands.  So, aren’t you curious about how can they confidently recommend a player?  They have honed the art of creating holographic pictures of the player based upon observed behavior.  Amazing, right?  In this podcast Gary Varsho shares his secret formula to discovering and recommending players.

Why does he want to share his secrets?  He is passionate about building his legacy in which he creates workspaces in which individuals thrive and teams to perform beyond expectations.

Jump right in and learn from the expert, Gary Varsho.

In this podcast you will learn the three key factors for which Gary Vasho assesses.  These are:

  • What unique skillset does the individual have? Will it add to the overall team skillset?
  • Is this individual adaptable?
  • Is this individual coachable?

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