Rob is a firm believer in value-based leadership and has over twenty years of experience as a senior executive. Rob has worked for three startups in his career and has never been greater than employee number 5 at any of his professional stops. Each one of the three startups is now a market leader.

Through this experience, Rob developed a deep understanding of how to grow and hyper-scale organizations. Rob has led operations, sales, marketing, and technology teams in his career and has consistently served as the conduit between these departments to drive efficiency and productivity.

He has fifteen years of experience in solution architecture, innovation, program management, and blue-chip sales campaign management and execution. During his tenure, Rob has architected and managed the development of over seventy custom pieces of software and is the co-inventor on three patents.

After spending half his career working to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams as an employee, Rob formed Vision North, LLC to increase his ability to help other small to mid-size business owners. Vision North was founded to help organizations grow and overcome through a unique approach to consulting and a collection of world-class talent and expertise. This merger of passion and competency allows the concept of consultancy engagements to work for Vision North clients. Small and mid-size companies can experience big agency results at a fraction of the cost, and with demonstrable benefits. Vision North was developed to be an atypical consulting agency in that its main goal is not the establishment of recurring revenue, but rather the enablement of positive and lasting change and success for its clients. The goal is to be a change agent for personal, professional, and organizational growth.

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At Inspire Wealth, we believe everyone should be able to live the retirement they’ve always wanted. Your financial situation is different from that of your parents, your neighbors, and even your closest friends, so a cookie-cutter approach isn’t going to cut it. We can work with you to create a retirement strategy that fits your unique retirement needs — a strategy designed to get you to your goals. When you have concerns about things like how long your money will last or what will happen if you pass away before your spouse, we can help you answer those questions, too!

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