In this episode, Luana Ribeira interviews the creator of “The Healer’s Realm Podcast” DeniseDamijo.

Denise is a full-time grad student on the journey to ultimately obtain her Ph.D. in Mind, Body, and Medicine specializing in Psychophysiology. As a trained integrative wellness coach, she is also an expert in wellbeing in the workplace and helps people with self-development, building leadership skills and creating happier and more fulfilled lives.  

Denise first discovered energy healing in 2006 and became a Reiki master in 2020. She is a highly skilled transmuter of energy and is on the Shamanic path; she has even been initiated into the Qero tribe in Peru, which practices energy healing.  

She is a world traveler who leads powerful guided Shamanic meditations, journeys, and affirmations, as well as participating in different speaking engagements. She is also a purveyor of events and offerings that assist in healing, integration, and holistic wellness. Her journey with spirituality is a profound one.  

Denise is passionate about helping women and those from marginalized communities find their voice when it comes to their wellness. She has had personal experience of being ignored by health professionals and discriminated against within the healthcare system. She now uses her lived experience and expertise to teach others how to advocate for themselves and ensure they are getting the healthcare they need and deserve. 

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