Hosted By - Bolaji Oyejide

Debbie Horovitch shows how Celebrity Hangouts on Air can position you as the Oprah Winfrey of your niche.

Celebrity Hangouts on Air allows any professional who wants to increase their industry authority, one to develop a show that with celebrity guests.

Debbie has been featured twice in Harvard Business Review, twice in Forbes, and twice in Sprout Social for her insights into how any business professional can create a relevant media channel and content for their direct business benefit.

Debbie is a professional speaker and highly sought-after trainer… thanks to her social media expertise, and use of  Celebrity Hangouts to grow her own authority.

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Bolaji Oyejide

Bolaji O is a seven-time Bestselling Author, award-winning speaker, and podcast host.He is also a contributing journalist for CNN iReporter, and Business Innovators Radio.

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