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Today we’re talking about Adult Coloring Books for Business.

And while some may think it doesn’t make sense for them or their business, Debbie is here today to demonstrate why major brands, and millions of adults worldwide, are so passionate about this growing trend.

Horovitch is a seasoned advertising media professional who has a lengthy list of recognizable-name clients throughout her career including:

– Visa Canada

– Lexus Automobiles

– The Toronto International Film Fest

Horovitch is a professional speaker and trainer, specializing in media-business insights from new technology and social media.

Horovitch has been hired to speak at ad agency launches, for large media producers, to all the Ontario auto dealers for a particular brand, and even in Las Vegas for the Catersource & Event Solutions conference.

She’s been featured twice in Harvard Business Review, and twice in Forbes, for her insights into how any business professional can create a relevant media channel and content for their direct business benefit.

To learn more about Adult Coloring Books for Business:

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