Since 2009 the hit television show Shark Tank has brought the world of entrepreneurship front and center to millions of households. Every contestant with a product and a dream wants a handshake deal with one of the Sharks. Unfortunately, 20% of these deals don’t come to fruition after the investors complete their due diligence. According to today’s guest, success requires more than just a slick product and a TV appearance.

Chris Saturnio is owner of Saturnio Design and has spent the last 20 years helping brands grow with innovative design and a deep knowledge of the full product development cycle. Today he shares his approach to navigating the complex design process, resulting in a successful product launch.

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Philipp Lomboy

Philipp Lomboy is a Los Angeles-based writer covering business, leadership, and innovation. He is also a podcast host and author of the bestselling books "The 5-Star Formula" and "Bodybuilders in Tutus and 35 Other Obscure Business-Boosting Observations". His work has been seen on,, and