Yasmine Khater is an award winning business + marketing strategist, psychologist and TEDx speaker but before achieving these accolades, Yasmine was burnt out. She was depressed and her career was sucking the life out of her. It was her father losing his battle to cancer that awoke that need to THRIVE.

Since then, Yasmine has been unstoppable. She started her own business and reached 6 figures within 18 months while traveling to over 24 countries. She has now been featured in over 50 media platforms and even won a Stevie Award for “Young Female Woman of the Year” as well as the “World of Difference Award” from the International Alliance of Women. In 2014 she was named one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Fun Fearless Females” and has done speaking gigs all over the world, including TEDx in Barcelona in 2013.

In this interview, we discuss a 3 step process to get predictable sales, how to fall in love with sales  and why many entrepreneurs get stuck after the attraction stage in marketing.

To Learn More: http://yasminekhater.com/

Yunche Wilson

Yunche Wilson | Success Instigator, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of WhoRYou Marketing Magazine. iReporter for CNN covering thriving entrepreneurs in business, personal development, health, fashion, beauty & finance.

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