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Revolutionizing Auto Dealership Marketing: An Interview with David Villa, Founder and CEO of the IPD Agency

In this episode of the TurboPassUSA podcast, host Marco Salinas sits down with David Villa, the founder and CEO of the IPD Agency, a marketing agency specializing in helping auto dealerships grow their businesses. With 28 years of industry experience, David shares his journey in the auto industry, from starting as a boutique agency to […]

Jeff Griffith’s Journey in the Auto Industry: From CarMax to Triton Auto Group

In this episode of the TurboPassUSA podcast, hosts Marco Salinas and Ken Jarman sit down with Jeff Griffith, Vice President of Triton Automotive Financial Services and advisory board member for TurboPass. Griffith shares his extensive experience in the auto industry, having worked as an early employee for CarMax and now Triton Auto Group, and discusses […]

Navigating the Complex World of Consumer Credit: Insights from Credit Expert John Ulzheimer

In this episode of the TurboPassUSA Podcast, hosts Marco Salinas and Ken Jarman interview credit expert John Ulzheimer to gain insights into the complex world of consumer credit. As former professionals in the consumer credit space, Marco and Ken recognize the importance of accurate information and turn to John as a trusted source. John Ulzheimer […]

TurboPassUSA Podcast KickOff Episode

Welcome to the first episode of TurboPassUSA, a podcast about technology, innovation, and business success stories. In this episode, our host Marco Salinas interviews the founders and key executives of TurboPassUSA, Mike and Ken Jarman, CEO and COO, and Zahid Kassem, the Chief Product/Technology Officer. The episode begins with a brief overview of TurboPassUSA and […]

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