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André Viel has published his life-changing book project, titled “The Recovery Lifestyle,” written to empower anyone ready to tackle their addiction recovery challenges using natural and holistic strategies.

The book was an instant International Amazon Bestseller in several categories.

Almost anyone who has experienced addiction or substance abuse ultimately craves living the life they deserve without drugs, alcohol, or other addictive substances and behaviors dragging them down. In order to do that, they need to find freedom from their addiction or substance abuse.

According to André Viel, his new book is the culmination of a complete system of practical, holistic tools and processes that will radically transform the challenges of addiction recovery into a healthier, more successful and abundant life.

During this episode, we hear how Viel’s clients have been getting some amazing results from the natural approaches to addiction recovery he uses in my day-to-day coaching practice.

The methods can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, irrespective of their own beliefs, culture or economic situation.

Mr. Viel says the book is for anyone that seeks a better, more fulfilling life experience within their recovery, and anyone who believes the time is right for real, positive change in their life.

The Recovery Lifestyle: How to Leave Addiction Behind, Get Excited About Life, and Become the Person You Deserve to Be is now available on and other online booksellers.

Mr. André Viel is the founder of Hope Recovery Coaching. He holds a University certificate in mental health and addiction from Ryerson University in Toronto. He holds certifications as a Recovery Coach, a Family Recovery Coach, and an Interventionist. To add to his training, he has obtained a certification in mindfulness-based addiction recovery (MBAR) in the United Kingdom (UK) and he is also an acudetox practitioner having completed training with the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA). In addition, Andre obtained a meditation facilitator certificate through Naturality, recognized by the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

With his extensive experience, Viel is also a trainer for The Addictions Academy of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. He shares his knowledge to certify coaches to help them become well-formed and strongly qualified interventionists serving the members of their communities to overcome addictions.

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