Ryan Lashlee is a Senior Advisor at True Trust, specializing on Trusts and Asset Protection.  He is the author of 3 books on Protection, Privacy, and Planning. He wrote the best-selling book on Trusts.

Because of his extensive work in asset protection Ryan became a leading expert in the purchase and accumulation of precious metals as a way of creating savings and wealth.

In our show today Ryan speaks about the importance of the individual to protect their financial future by purchasing Silver and discusses some of the pitfalls a consumer can fall into without first acquiring proper knowledge before purchasing.

To learn more you can visit his web site on saving silver, Kilver.com or by calling 661-418-7287.  At the conclusion of the show Ryan also makes a special offer to those listening today.

Chet Bruce

Chet Bruce is a Best Selling Author, Publisher of two Authority/Consumer Advocacy web sites; The San Diego Professional Journal and The Chet Bruce Authority Report.He is also contributing iReporter for CNN and Small Business Trendsetters covering the leading experts in the fields of Medical, Legal, Dental, Chiropractic, Finance, Real Estate, Health and Beauty and Small Business.