Lisa began her career in the book production business over 25 years ago, serving the largest publishers in the world in the medical, education, and trade industries.

Starting with unedited manuscripts, her family business provided full publishing services for publishers such as Pearson Education, Houghton Mifflin, Aspen Law & Business, and others.

Lisa launched SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC to help authors independently publish their work professionally and cost-effectively.

Her business offers a variety of publishing solutions. From literary agency representation to worldwide marketing – including international rights – and independent publishing, SDP provides publishing services for authors based on their needs and budget. Services include editorial and writing coaching services, custom book cover design and layout, marketing and publicity, and worldwide distribution services for both print and e-book platforms.


In a quick 2 minutes, tell me about your background and why you got into the work you do now.


Describe for me what’s different about the SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC (formerly Sweet Dreams Publishing Solutions) process. And how it helps authors.

3 Levels of Editor/Editing


At least 2 editors on each manuscript. Why? Lisa shares that and more during this part of the interview.


How did you come to this process? Did you stumble on it or was there a trigger event where you saw a need and decided to develop it?


What are stats about readership?

Lisa shares this and why the talk of the demise of book reading is hyperbole if you look at the stats of book purchases. Lisa shares what types of books are selling, what formats and more.


What are the 3 Levels of publishing and trends going forward?

Lisa shares what category and level your book should fit into.

Learn more about Lisa and SDP Publishing solutions for help with your book idea, manuscript and quality level of your book here:

Clint Evans

Clint Evans is a #1 Amazon best-selling author, speaker, and coach to decisive and growth minded entrepreneurs.nnHe has a column with and is part of the contributing market experts program at He was one of the first to be accepted to publish on LinkedIn's publishing platform (Feb 2014) and has been read by 129,571 LinkedIn members and counting. He's taught workshops for the Small Business Administration and CreativeLive.nnHe loves spending time with his two nieces in Texas and snowboarding and other high-speed adventures around the globe.