As a speaker and consultant Priscilla helps professionals in the areas of Public Relations, Leadership & Public Speaking

Priscilla Dames is Founder of Wingspan Seminars, whose mission is based in conflict resolution and provides seminars focusing on strengthening relationships while creating positive environments. Her first book

In this exciting and highly engaging interview, Priscilla shares Current quests include supporting women as Chairperson of the Women’s Business Council, Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce and her television show, Conflict Corner which focuses on problem-solving for families and youth. Dames is a member of the National and Florida Crisis Teams and was involved with the crisis in Haiti, 2010. Her dream was realized recently as she trained ex-militants in the Nigerian Amnesty Program in Nigeria, Africa

Priscilla is a national speaker and consultant who is the author of How to Survive When Your Ship is Sinking & 99 Conflicts to Avoid, 100 Ways to Resolve Them.

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