As a speaker and consultant Michael helps professionals in the areas of Motivational, Inspirational & Educational.

Michael was diagnosed with brain damage at birth. He is severely dyslexic and has no depth perception. Nevertheless he has accomplished more than many have in a lifetime. Michael has worked as a farmer, a high school drama coach, a counselor, a college instructor, a radio disc jockey, a manager. He is currently the president of two different corporations. He got his college degree in Child Psychology from the University of Michigan.

In this exciting and highly engaging interview, Michael shares how he teaches children the importance of resiliency as it is the number one key determinant of long term success. He is an international expert on the child and self-esteem. He has been featured on national news including FOX News, the TODAY show and 60 minutes. He is an award winning speaker and has presented to nearly five million people the around the globe.

Michael is the author of Lead Now or Step Aside, THE BETTER BOTTOM LINE & Go Mad and he is based out in Caro, Michigan.

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