As an Author and corporate wellness innovator, Michael Prager helps smart companies and their employees thrive by improving and sustaining their health and well-being.

Michael’s passion is helping people get well by refocusing on where their own self-interests lie so they can have more power and influence, not only in their intimate world but in the world at large.

Michael’s journey to becoming a professional speaker is rooted in a belief in the power to change, born not of faith but experience. During this exciting and highly engaging interview, Michael shares how he overcame being a 300 pound kid and 365 pound adult and shed 155 pounds while learning to live a more productive and happy life. He also shares his insights into the root causes of wellness challenges and the importance of a wholistic, sustainable way of life connect with employees’ self-interest.

Michael’s latest book is called “Sustainable You” which will be released in January 2016.

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