As a speaker and consultant, Len Ferman helps organizations in the area of Business Innovation.

Len Ferman has 26 years of experience in innovation with some of the world’s largest companies.  Prior to founding Ferman Innovation, Len led the front end of innovation for all consumer & small business products and services at Bank of America. Len is a frequent speaker at conferences including the 2012 World Future Trends Summit, the 2013 Market Research Event and the 2014 Customer Experience Leaders’ Summit where he was a keynote speaker.

Len discovered that the average life span of an S&P 500 company is 18 years.  The key determination of the longevity of companies is their ability to innovate.

In this exciting and highly engaging interview, Len shares how he helps companies attract and retain profitable customers by delivering cost effective marketing processes that enable the client to understand their customers’ needs, generate ideas to solve those needs and identify the optimal ideas that will deliver breakthrough impact. Simply put Len says, “We engage your workforce and unleash the power of your employees.”

Len is based out of Jacksonville Florida and his soon to be released book is entitled “Innovating for Your Company’s Future”.

To learn more:

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