In this episode of the Inside Track, host Markus Loving interviews Sherri Gallagher, a successful author known for her non-fiction bestseller “Profit is Not a Four Letter Word.” However, in this episode, they dive into Sherri’s world of fiction, specifically her newest novel, “Killer Run.”

Sherri draws inspiration from her real-life experiences, particularly her love for German Shepherds and German Shepherd Search and Rescue. She shares how her passion for these dogs shines through in all of her books, including “Killer Run,” which features a thrilling blend of romance, detective work, and a spine-chilling serial killer plot.

Despite facing setbacks, such as accidentally deleting a portion of her original manuscript, Sherri overcame adversity and rewrote the story. Now, she eagerly awaits the release of her gripping novel.

Listeners who enjoy heart-pounding mysteries, stories of overcoming obstacles, and a love for dogs won’t want to miss this episode. Sherri’s journey as an author, her experiences with self-publishing, and the inspiration behind “Killer Run” are all discussed in this entertaining conversation.

Sherri’s books are a must-read if you’re a fan of strong and relatable characters, fast-paced storytelling, and a touch of humor. In “Killer Run,” she masterfully balances pacing and suspense, ensuring readers stay hooked while providing moments of respite.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in the world of writing, self-publishing, or simply looking for an exciting novel to add to their reading list. Sherri’s expertise and passion for storytelling shine through in every word.

To learn more about Sherri Gallagher and her books, visit her website at sherrigallagher.com or find her on Facebook. Her books can be found on Amazon or through her website. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive into the thrilling world of “Killer Run” and experience Sherri’s captivating storytelling firsthand.

Markus Loving

Multi #1 Best Selling Author & National Speaker, Markus Loving is a long time entrepreneur and a host on Business Innovators Radio Show and contributing reporter for Business Innovators Magazine and Small Business Trendsetters where he covers leaders and trendsetters in Business as well as the founder of OnlineMarketDomination.com.