Karl Heckman is a US Navy Veteran and in this episode discusses his experience while serving aboard a nuclear submarine along with owning a multi-million dollar manufacturing company to providing companies management training. Karl is also an Amazon Best Selling Author of “Watertight: How I Survived The Submarine Service Without Losing My Mind” a memoir written for his daughters, recollecting life working aboard a nuclear submarine during the Cold War era.

In this interview, Karl discusses his time in the Navy, his reason for writing the book, as well as how his experience in the Navy prepared him well for creating and running his own manufacturing company, and becoming a highly sought after consultant and trainer in management for manufacturing companies across the US.

As a trainer, he employs principles he learned while aboard a US Navy nuclear sub. He provides management training in how to train managers and employees in the manufacturing industry, helping them to create better leaders at every level, create a culture that supports the mission of the company and helps to build better systems.

To learn more about Karl Heckman, and his book, as well as his management training programs, visit http://KarlHeckman.com.

Welcome guest Karl Heckman to Business Innovators Radio.

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