As a Communication Strategist and Coach, Joyce Weiss, M.A., CSP helps professionals in the areas of Leadership Development, Executive Coaching & Team Building.

Joyce shows teams how to synergize their power and bring productivity to new levels with powerful conflict negotiation skills.  As a coach, leadership consultant and facilitator, Joyce has used her extensive professional experience with over 400 companies like Ford Motor Company, US Army Reserves, BAE Systems, Spectrum Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide bold solutions for individuals, corporations and associations.

In this exciting and highly engaging interview, Joyce shares how listeners can build leadership and communication skills that will make them top performers in their industry…which improves their quality of life. She covers how to deal with workplace bullies and how to effectively work with different generations.

She has written 3 books: Communicate with Impact (E-Book), Full Speed Ahead: Become Driven by Change & Take the Ride of Your Life! Shift Gears for More Balance, Growth, and Joy.

To learn more:

Email Joyce at or visit her website at

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