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Ryan Eckenrode, VP of Customer Success at Shares Lessons Learned From 5 Start-Up Experiences

VP of Customer Success, Ryan Eckenrode shares his entrepreneurial journey and lessons learned from being part of four start-ups; 2 good, 2 not-so-good, before joining is a 1-1 gifting platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring new levels of personalization, process automation, and accountability to B2B and B2C gifting. To contact Ryan […]

Digital Marketing Expert Trish Leto Talks Instagram and Facebook Organic Growth

In this show, we talk with Trish Leto, a Navy Veteran and digital marketing expert specializing in Instagram and Facebook marketing.  Trish shares her story that starts on the Hudson River; includes her days in the Navy as a helicopter mechanic, and fast forwards to today where  Trish is one of the fastest rising stars […]

Master Business Coach and Branding Consultant Steven Kuhn Talks Conscious Leadership

On this episode, we talk with International Bestselling author, business consultant, and branding coach Steven Kuhn on his origin story and his guiding philosophy of “Conscious Leadership”.  Kuhn has an astute business mind, tailored to the ins and outs of building, operating, turning around and growing a business successfully, having accomplished this in 9 countries […]

Delight or Perish: Creating Extraordinary Customer Experiences with Client Relationship Expert Lynn Thomas

In this episode, I get on the phone and talk with client relationship expert Lynn Thomas of Thomas Consulting located in Newton MA.  Lynn’s expansive client list includes Allstate Insurance, CVS Pharmacy, Massachusetts Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA. During our conversation, Lynn shares why customer experiences are more important […]

Creating Systems In Your Life and Business With Albert Polanco

Albert Polanco is my guest for this episode.  Albert is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Crucible Strategic Advising. Albert is also a United States Marine Corps Veteran, and the author of “Your Life Design Blueprint: How To Create The Blueprint for the Life You Want To Live.” Listen in as Albert shares why and how he […]

Bobby Klinck Shares His Story Of Becoming An Intellectual Property Attorney And His Passion For Helping Entrepreneurs

On this show, Bobby Klinck of Klinck LLC shares his story on how he has found his life’s passion as a successful Intellectual Property (IP) attorney and running his own IP consulting firm.  … Spoiler Alert…  It was not his first choice.  Bobby also discusses his heartfelt mission to help bootstrapped start-up entrepreneurs by providing […]

Christopher Dube – Determining and Delivering Value In Today’s World of Business

In this episode, I have a conversation with Christopher Dube of Simpatico Consulting about how he grew up in an entrepreneurial family and the positive and negative impacts that had on his own business journey.  As you listen to the interview you will hear the passion in Chris’ voice when he talks about helping business owners accurately determine […]

Brian Horn – Consultant, Author, and Publisher Shares His Entrepreneurial Story

Entrepreneur and author Brian Horn joins me to discuss the evolution of his marketing career, “Authority Equity”, “NeuroAuthority” and how small business owners can implement these concepts to dramatically increase the overall effectiveness of their advertising. Below are links to web sites and resources mentioned in the interview. Authority Alchemy website Get Brian’s Book “NeuroAuthority” […]

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