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Jack Daly has been speaking for over 30 years. He helps companies build more efficient and effective sales organizations by analyzing the existing sales processes and structures and then identifying key weaknesses and making sound recommendations for improvement.

Jack Daly emphasizes important planning and visualization techniques to promote success not only in business, but in life as well. True to form, Jack lives a “Life by Design”. To Jack, this concept means more than a life that is planned; it conveys a life that is fashioned to produce higher goals. With meticulous care, Jack has planned, tracked, and compared key metrics of his travel, health and personal aspirations to control performance.

In this exciting and highly engaging interview Jack shares how he provides his customers with sales, sales management sales training that is so effective that he is willing to make his fee contingent upon results.

Jack’s books include Hyper Sales Growth, The Sales Playbook, and by the time this interview airs his book called Paper Napkin Wisdom will have been released.

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