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Ilka V. Chavez
Founder of Corporate GOLD, LLC
(A Global Organizational Leadership Development Company)
#1 International Best Selling Author and Professional speaker
Ambassador for the leadership network.



Ilka V. Chavez is a #1 International Best-Seller Author, a professional speaker and Ambassador for the leadership network. She is the Founder of Corporate GOLD, LLC, a Global Organizational Leadership Development Company and a fervent leader with an extensive track record for helping leaders, communities and organizations reach their highest potential.

Ilka has worked in leadership positions in one of the largest bureaucracies in the world as well as served as an elected official. With her experience as an organizational curator and passionate connector, Ilka helps people and organizations develop solutions that align with internal values. By identifying the root cause of growth deficiencies, she crafts the most effective solution for organizations.

Ilka truly understands human capital is key and investing in its growth and well-being is at the heart of all organizations. She specializes in leading millennials with baby boomer strategies. Her slogan is “Learn It, Live It, Lead it!”

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