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Jeremy Owens Founder of US Construction Zone Discusses The Future of Technology Within The Construction Industry.

Jeremy has extensive experience and knowledge in the construction industry, how it has changed over the years and where it could be going. Depending on the hat he is wearing, he could be managing his team, tweaking his robust marketing plan, analyzing his operations reports, or daydreaming about the future of US Construction Zone. Coming […]

Christian Zimmerman, Founder and CEO of Qoins, Discusses Leveraging Technology To Get Out Of Debt

In this episode, Christian Zimmerman founder and CEO of Qoins discusses why he created financial technology to help individuals get out of debt and save money. He shares the origin of the Qoins App as well as the personal financial coaching touch – To learn more about Qoins visit 

Shane Brett Gecko CEO Discusses New ICO Reg-Tech

GECKO Crypto1 is a compliance system that enables a self-regulatory framework on behalf of the Token Sale market. Most importantly, it provides a verifiable independent blockchain audit trail of compliance to satisfy global financial regulators. GECKO Crypto1 is implemented on the blockchain, across an entire ecosystem of data providers and consumers. Learn More at 

Anthony Shook – Founder and CEO of AeroChain Discusses Blockchain in Aviation

AeroChain is an Aviation Blockchain Solution helping to not only secure aircraft value through maintenance recording and verification, but also unlocking value in illiquid and disconnected aviation assets and data from aircraft to contracts to human resources to manufacturers.

Goldilock CEO Jarrod Epps Discusses Crypto Key Custody and The Goldilock ICO

Goldilock The Crypto Key Custody and Digital Asset Storage Solution  Cryptocurrency investors and managers of sensitive digital assets are currently forced to choose between personally-held hardware cold storage solutions, which can be stolen, hacked, misplaced, destroyed or confiscated; and online hot wallets, which are vulnerable to hacking, denial of service, and custodial company collapse. […]

Bitlumens CEO Veronica Garcia Discusses Blockchain, Social Impact and Their ICO

Bitlumens, founded in 2017 by Veronica Garcia, offers SaaS through a peer to peer network using blockchain technology and IoT, providing transparent financial transactions that empower users to take control of their financial situation. The company also provides data on indoor air quality and the power generation of each participating household. The company developed the […]

The Airstayz Executive Team Discusses The Future of Hospitality with Blockchain

AIRSTAYZ™ – The next generation of booking pays you to STAY with a blockchain currently useful for travelers and hotels. AIRSTAYZ™ enables travelers to book online and skip the desk™, making each journey more convenient. Learn how this seasoned executive team is ready to disrupt the hospitality industry For More Info Visit

Rajesh Pavithran – Founder of Boon Tech

The world’s first decentralized job marketplace that is powered by artificial intelligence. Boon Tech is a blockchain based freelance marketplace that is free for the user. It’s a place where entrepreneurs and freelancers meet to facilitate freelance transactions with cryptocurrency rewards. We are the first no-cost freelancer marketplace in the world that rewards both the […]

Matthew Herrick and Charles Wizmer – Co-Founders of Deedcoin

Deedcoin, a patented Blockchain powered real estate service disrupter, capable of true 1% commissions using its broker network live in all 50 states. Deedcoin’s platform (Already live at simply replaces the way you find your next real estate agent. Instead of finding their next agent on google for 6% commission, customers access our platform, […]

Jon Fox – Co-Founder of Fr8 Network

Fr8 Network is a set of decentralized applications designed to streamline the freight industry’s fractured value chain by transparently connecting key stakeholders, removing high-cost arbitrage, and redistributing revenue. Fr8 blockchain network facilitates the digitization of record-keeping related to the trade of assets, even in scenarios where intermediaries and brokers are incentivized to resist change. For […]

Liron Artizi founder of Utopi Revolutionizing charity and disaster relief with the transparency and efficiency of blockchain. Gain access to exclusive content and live streaming celebrity events while impacting humanity. Campaigns offer chances to win unforgettable encounters with charitable influencers. All powered by the Dispatch blockchain and a token designed to change giving forever.

Thomas J. Zaccagnino – Founder of Muirfield IP

Muirfield Investment Partners, LLC, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Boston, MA, is a Private Equity Real Estate company that recognizes the demand for innovation in the private equity and real estate product offerings. They are pioneering a TAO (tokenized asset offering) for their private equity real estate fund. For more information please visit

Dan Bates – President and CEO of ImpactPPA

Dan Bates – President and CEO of ImpactPPA On this show Dan discusses the role blockchain technology can play in democratizing the energy market to provide renewable energy access to emerging market regions. Access to energy is the key to improving quality of life, yet billions of people across the globe lack access to clean, […]

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