In this episode of the Dream Life is Real Life podcast, Hanna Hermanson connects with Tris Thorp to unpack negative emotions. Shit happens. Life isn’t always easy– especially if you’re creating something new, or are entrepreneurial!

Tris and Hanna discuss how to capitalize on negative emotions (Hello, 2020!) to facilitate growth, instead of hardships.

Tris Thorp is a highly respected global leader in social-emotional learning and personal empowerment, as well as a sought-after Integrative Breakthrough Coach, keynote speaker, and international bestselling author. Tris illuminates the most important and relevant issues we face today – how to navigate our energy, mindset, and emotions during challenging times while striving to live the life we were made for. During her tenure at the Chopra Center, Tris apprenticed under the Center’s co-founder Dr. David Simon, and together they co-facilitated Emotional Freedom workshops.

She continued her study of the unconscious mind with Debbie Ford, and after the loss of her two beloved mentors, she gained coaching certification through the Ford Institute. Tris went on to spend a decade traveling the world and sharing the stage with Dr. Deepak Chopra, offering her gift for integrating ancient spiritual teachings with modern-day mindfulness. Clearly in her dharma, Tris is dedicated to gently guiding people on their inward path through emotional healing. She shared this passion in her work as Lead Trainer & Facilitator with the Empowerment Partnership, where she taught at iNLP Master Practitioner Training, and facilitated the 3-day Empowering Your Life® weekend and retreats. Tris’ insightful wisdom and proactive approach transforms every audience. With over two decades of experience, she helps others fully release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns, enabling them to make quantum leaps into the life they were made for. Tris comes from both the heart and the intellect, using her own difficult journey to wholeness to ignite hope and healing for those who are ready to create a new story and an empowered, purposeful future.



Tris is author of the international bestseller, Healing Your Heart, Rewrite Your Story With Awareness and Intention, and its companion journal workbook. She also co-authored the highly influential bestseller, Mental, and Emotional Release®. As one of today’s most respected thought leaders and influencers, Tris has an enthusiastic and growing following around the globe. She reaches thousands through her online courses, 1-1 coaching, private retreats, keynote speaking events, and workshops, including live training on Mental and Emotional Release®, as well as her social media channels and media engagements. Tris is Board Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, and Mental & Emotional Release®, as well as a certified Breakthrough Shadow Coach, a Reiki Master, and an experienced yoga teacher.

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