Sometimes it takes a new perspective and commitment to self to make huge strides in personal and professional development.

Today on the Dream Life is Real Life Podcast we are talking to Bryce Henson, health coach and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp–the world’s fastest-growing fitness boot camp franchise. He also co-leads the FBBC mastermind group and loves inspiring and mentoring fitness professionals on growing their businesses to change more lives in their communities.

Bryce, like me, grew up in the Midwest with a limited worldview. It all changed when he studied abroad in Hong Kong. The travel bug bit him as he realized there was so much out there beyond what he learned growing up.

His journey as a health coach is an inspiring tale of traveling, fitness, and learning entrepreneurship. Learn how a former roommate was the catalyst for Bryce’s powerful transformation–and what kept the momentum going.

Also, discover the two things Bryce wished he learned much earlier in his journey and why they are so important.

Bryce and I will talk about what it takes to make the shift from being a solopreneur to an entrepreneur. Find out what questions you need to ask and why they are important.

Learn more about Bryce at Or connect with him on social media: @realbrycehenson.

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