In This Episode Of The Couple-preneurs Show:

  • Oscar & Kiya’s story of losing everything
  • Being thrusted into entrepreneurship
  • Balance between building a business and nurturing marriage

About The Couple-preneurs Show:

The Couple-preneurs Show strives to help couples in business develop structure and strategies that nurture the balance between business and home. Being in business with your significant other includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not all couples in business thrive from working together. Working closely together is a dream that grows from love and enthusiasm.

Every year, millions of couples take on the challenge of starting and building a business together. For some, it is the best decision they ever made. However, not every couple has this experience. Working together can present stress that not every couple is prepared to handle. Unfortunately, that stress can translate into trouble for the relationship or the business – or even both.


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Mike Saunders, MBA

Mike Saunders is theAuthority Positioning Coach at Marketing Huddle, the author of Amazon Bestselling book Authority Selling™, Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities, contributor to The Huffington Post, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council – an invitation-only community for the World’s Most Influential Business Coaches.