Kay Hall is a 25-year-old pilot and inspiration to millions of people around the world. This amazing young woman flies her airplane, “Lil Red,” a 1968 Piper Cherokee 180, around the country and, via social media, around the world.

At 22, Kay was directionless, working dead end jobs and living paycheck to paycheck when she decided to take the initiative and get an introductory flight at her local flight school. As soon as the wheels of the Cessna 150 left the ground, she was hooked! Saving every penny of her paycheck to squeeze in a flight, it was slow going! Finally, after securing a loan, she joined a national flight school and went through the entire program in 9 months including PPL, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-engine, CFI, and CFII!

Things were looking good until Kay lost her job at her flight school due to the pandemic! As things were bleak, she and her family decided to buy an airplane so she could continue to build hours. Enter, “Lil Red,’ the love of her life!

Now having an airplane but still not being able to interact with people, Kay embarked on flights back and forth from Houston to San Diego (over 11 hours each way), to help her grandparents who were also in isolation. On those cross-country journeys, there wasn’t much to do a lot of the time, so Kay started documenting her flights on TikTok, Instagram, and to a lesser extent, YouTube.

Shocked by the overwhelming positive response, she rapidly grew in followers and friends. At over 2 million on TikTok currently, and 100k on Instagram, her accounts still are seeing phenomenal growth. Kay also pulls in millions of unique viewers every month on her LIVE broadcasts. That’s not a typo, millions tune in to watch her.

While still building hours for the airlines, Kay continues to inspire and educate people from across the globe. She receives fan mail and direct messages by the hundreds stating that because of her people were getting introductory flights, joining flight programs, and joining the military to become pilots! People that prior to her, had never even considered aviation as a career!

Parents with children regularly reach out letting her know that their child had decided to become a pilot, many of these kids haven’t even reached their teens yet!






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Mike Saunders, MBA

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