In this episode, founder and owner of mAke the grAde AcAdemic services,  Dr. Steven Greene talks about his passion for helping students of all levels. mAke the grAde AcAdemic services specializes in Math and Science tutoring as well as SAT/ ACT test prep. Utilizing both in-person counseling and state of the art internet based classrooms, Dr. Greene’s focus is on proper assessment, planning and execution to aid students in reaching their specific educational goals.

In addition to being a full time tutor, Dr. Greene is also a published author whose latest book, Maximum Education- The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Academics became an Amazon best seller within the first week of release.

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Tim Dimmick

Tim is an independent marketing consultant and owner of Grand Slam Marketing LLC. As an contributing reporter to Business Innovators Magazine / Radio and Small Business Trendsetters, Tim covers Small Businesses and Professionals making an impact in their community.