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As a professional speaker, Dr. Steve Hausman helps businesses and professionals in the areas of emerging technology.

Dr. Hausman established Hausman Technology Keynotes to provide instructional and consultative services about the fundamentals of, and latest developments in, a variety of emerging technologies that include nanotechnology, 3D printing, robotics, bionics and human enhancement, aging research, brain-machine interactions, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), biometrics and much more.

Steve draws from a vast repertoire of videos, images and new articles to provide lectures and keynote presentations that are fast-paced, timely and entertaining using humor and personal experiences.  He has the knack of explaining complicated technology in clear and understandable language and is as comfortable presenting to events in large auditoriums as he is talking to venture capitalists in intimate conference rooms.  His presentations are never “canned.”  Technology is constantly changing and Steve’s lectures reflect that dynamism. He works with his clients to develop a customized presentation in one or more of topic areas (fully listed on his website) to meet their individual needs.

In this exciting and highly engaging interview, Dr. Hausman tells us how helps businesses understand and capitalize on emerging technologies.

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