Dr. Sherri Zaffrin of Back To Health Center has her certification in Functional Diagnostic Medicine as well as BrainCore Therapy.  Today Dr. Zaffrin shares the exciting technology of BrainCore Therapy which offers an alternative treatment option for those suffering from symptoms of ADD, ADHD, Migraine Headaches, Insomnia, Anxiety, Memory Loss and more. After 4 years and treating many of patients the success stories continue to motivate her to get the word out. Through this treatment program that is drugless, painless and non-invasive, BrainCore Therapy targets the correction of dysregulated brainwaves to reduce the symptoms of these and other health issues.

To Learn More Visit: http://backtohealthcenter.com or http://neurofeedbacktreatments.com

Tim Dimmick

Tim is an independent marketing consultant and owner of Grand Slam Marketing LLC. As an contributing reporter to Business Innovators Magazine / Radio and Small Business Trendsetters, Tim covers Small Businesses and Professionals making an impact in their community.