As a speaker and consultant, Dr. Robert Lemon helps professionals in the areas of Leadership Development, Time Management and Professional Speaking.

Robert is an award winning national speaker, successful entrepreneur, author and trainer. Robert has trained various corporate, government, college and numerous organizations. Through years of sales, customer service and leadership experience, his trainings are designed to help others take action and improve in all areas. He has shared the platform with Les Brown, Willie Jolley , and Simon T. Bailey . He believes in maximizing your full potential, the success of his presentations reflect that belief.

In this exciting and highly engaging interview, Robert shares key insights of his life long journey to success and how you can reach your level of success. He gives the secrets to how he has helped successful million dollar athletes and successful professionals maximize their time and God given talents. Robert speaks with a keen sense of humor and heartwarming charm. He seems to effortlessly elevate his audiences to take responsibility for their lives and pursue their dreams.

Robert is a national and international speaker and consultant who is the author of “Now Is Your Time 9 Steps to Reach Your Full Human Potential” and also co-authored “Multiple Streams of Inspiration”.

To learn more:

Email Robert at or visit his website at

Twitter: @robertelemon and Call : 1-800-319-7919

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