As an international speaker and consultant, Dr. Hassan Tetteh helps professionals in the areas of Cardiovascular Disease Care, Medical Services Management & Strategic Planning.

Dr. Tetteh is an expert in heart failure, heart and lung transplantation, informatics, and compassionate health care delivery. Dr. Tetteh is a board certified surgeon and healthcare manager and a Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems. Dr. Tetteh is a servant leader and U.S. Naval Officer that solves problems with global perspective in administration, public policy, and entrepreneurship.

In this exciting and highly engaging interview, Dr. Tetteh shares how he helps solve problems by leveraging his experience in the areas of clinical care, policy, and management to provide his clients with strategic solutions.

Dr. Tetteh is the author of the bestselling novel ‘Gift of the Heart’ and is based out of the Washington, DC area.

To learn more:

Contact Dr. Tetteh at or visit the website at

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