As a speaker and consultant, Diane Amundson helps professionals in the areas of Building effective teams, resolving individual and group conflict & coaching managers.  Diane is known for her ability to make complex subjects simple to understand and apply.

Diane Amundson is the owner of Diane Amundson & Associates.  She has over twenty two years of training, speaking and consulting experience in the areas of leadership, generational diversity, team building, sales communication, conflict resolution and strategic planning.  She has worked with Fortune 500 Companies like General Mills and Pepsi Cola and she has co-authored a book titled Success Strategies: A High Achiever’s Guide to Success.  She is a member of the National Speakers Association and has served as Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior at Winona State University.

Diane’s passion resides in observing and communicating the talent and skills necessary to become a great leader. In this exciting and highly engaging interview, Diane shares the secret of how she helps organizations improve their communication so their employees are more effective and productive.

Diane also speaks on generational diversity and her office is located in Winona, Minnesota.

To learn more:

Email Diane at or visit her website

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