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As a speaker and consultant, Colleen Sweeney works in the areas of healthcare, cultural change and leadership.

Colleen is the creator of the renowned Patient Empathy Project and is widely considered the “Nation’s Chief Expert” on patient fears and empathy. Her focus is solving the number one issue among all patients – Patient Fears. The end result is rapid and transformation changes in healthcare organizations, which consistently gains ranking in the top deciles of patient satisfaction metrics in both Press Ganey and HCAHPS measures.

In this exciting and highly engaging interview, Colleen shares how she helps healthcare organizations work with their patients to overcome fear. Colleen holds degrees in nursing and business, and a master’s certificate in project management. Colleen engages audiences as she shares her unique patient fears postcard art study that was a result of asking people about their greatest healthcare concerns. The artwork provides a fascinating and shocking backdrop, causing leaders and caregivers to take a new look at the patient, the care they deliver, and the financial impact it will have for them in the future.

Colleen is a national & international speaker and consultant who is based out in Sweeney Healthcare Enterprises Tampa, FL.

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