Claire Samantha is a Postpartum doula and the founder of Phone My Friend. Phone My Friend is a unique confidential listening service designed to help users of the service feel heard and understood, especially during their times of loneliness.  After experiencing life changing events, Claire wanted to find a way to help others find what she could not when she needed it the most. Someone who would just listen, actively listen and really hear what is being said. This experience led Claire to create Phone My Friend to help fill that void for anybody that was lonely and to help people find that place where they can be heard without judgement or without being given unwarranted advice, but just with attention and a sincere curiosity.

Ian Lombardo

Ian Lombardo is a Best Selling Author and a contributor to multiple media outlets including USA Today Your Take and Small Business Trendsetters. Ian covers Influencers and emerging Innovators in Business, Finance, Health and Technology.

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