Cindy Stevens, is a top producing Realtor and President of CL Stevens Realty in San Francisco. She is a real entrepreneur, helping others to have the same opportunities in their own lives that she sees and has for herself.

In 2003, Cindy was commuting to San Francisco for 2 to 4 hours each day to a job she was good at, but one she knew was not right for her. She was tired of making the company money and the money not staying in her pocket. After doing the sales job in San Francisco for 6 years and receiving several national awards for her sales skills, she decided that she needed to focus her energy on making more money and getting more quality time with family, rather than focusing on getting plaques or crystal pieces – which just ended up sitting on her shelf, forgotten and gathering dust. This led her down the path to real estate. In 2004, Cindy obtained her real estate license and left her full-time paying job for a 100% commission real estate job. Finally, in 2012, she had gained enough experience in the real estate industry to apply for the real estate broker exam. After passing her exam, she opened up her own real estate company, CL Stevens Realty, and began the process of building a team to work alongside her.

In addition to achieving her goal of becoming a real estate agent, Cindy also co-founded, Stevens Mechanical, and helped manage a heating and air conditioning business with her husband, Paul, that specializes in providing solutions for people with illnesses that need clean air.

In this interview, Cindy shares her insight into her success and adversities in real estate and also shares some golden nuggets to help home buyers and sellers realize their dreams.

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