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Cindy Solomon is the founder of Cindy Solomon & Associates, Inc. which is dedicated to creating high-performance leaders, developing highly effective employees and building bold, customer-focused organizations.

Cindy’s enthusiastic, personal style and a unique program customization process enable her to connect with as many as 3,500 people on a one-to-one level, delivering resonating advice and practical techniques that drive profits and productivity.

Cindy discovered that there were two critical components to the success of any organization.  The first was creating exceptional customer service.  The second was creating courageous leadership.

In this exciting and highly engaging interview Cindy shares how her company helps organizations through hilarious, content-rich programs that empower their organization with agile leaders, engaged employees, loyal customers, and a courageous culture that thrives on rapid market shifts and competitive challenges.

Cindy is the author of 2 books including “The Rules of Woo, Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Today’s Customers”, and “The Courage Challenge Workbook”.

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