Dr Marina Bruni, aka The Global Brain Activation Strategist, is an executive coach, trainer, and international speaker who specialises in brain integration strategies. She gives her clients the keys to unlock creative solutions to the problems they’re facing.

Dr Marina is the author of her upcoming book on the power of choice. She is featured in the movie
How Thoughts Become Things produced by Douglas Vermeeren to be released in March 2020.
As dual qualified lawyer with over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, Dr
Marina has seen the destructive consequences of poor choices. She is on a mission to empower
men and women to use her proven method to make the right choice with ease—consistently.

A Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Marina has trained
with Dr Bandler, the co-creator of NLP. With the mindset of a lawyer and the skill-set of a coach, Dr Marina fast-tracks her private and
corporate students through shifts using innovative and proprietary methods.

Dr Marina speaks 4 languages; she loves dark chocolate and travelling the globe.


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