Today’s guest is Blake Ashley, who is the Rocky Mountain Area Sales Manager for Controlled Environments with Vileda Professional USA, a brand of Freudenberg, a leading global manufacturer of innovative cleaning systems, specifically for healthcare, controlled environments, general building cleaning, and specialty markets.

Blake is part of the Controlled Environments team helping corporate manufacturers in the US & Canada solve their cleanroom and controlled environment issues, reduce costs as well as their impact on the environment. In today’s interview, Blake shares with us their newest innovation, the CE UltraSpeed Pro™, a cutting edge cleanroom and controlled environments mopping system which is versatile, ergonomic and offers performance like no other mop today, all backed by research, testing, studies & data.

Blake has been in the industry for over 10 years and is on a mission – to seek out and work with passionate industry individuals who work towards innovation and have the willingness to produce a positive delta in the production environments which advance healthcare and human life worldwide. He has a strong passion to help companies who manufacture products that typically go in or on the human body with their innovative cleaning systems.

To Learn More:
Tel: 630-270-1437
Web: ce.Vileda-professional.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/blake-ashley-a8401317/

Markus Loving

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