Welcome to Blaise the Trail Podcast with Fertility Expert, Blaise Hunter.

After going through traumas and tragedies, dealing with a rare disease and experiencing three miscarriages, Blaise took charge of her life and became an author, international speaker, award winning advocate, and fertility coach.  This show will demonstrate how even though we experience setbacks and disappointments, we are not barren – We still have a destiny to birth.

This show will empower you to “blaise the trail” and get pregnant with your passions and dreams.  You will learn how to lean into the hardships and be reflective.  Vulnerability is the vehicle that will transport us into the hero of our lives so we can breathe fire on this world.

This week’s topic is – FOMOP – Fear Of Missing On Plane

Blaise’s coaching practice is based on the quote from Fred Devito “What doesn’t challenge you; Doesn’t change you.” She leads the charge by challenging herself and the world to take off the masks and be vulnerable so we can address root issues and grow. That’s how we can transform into the best version of ourselves.

Blaise sits down with Personal Development Coach Richard Wagstaff. They will dissect the human behaviour of standing in long line-ups for the plane. This episode is about digging below the surface and opening-up the dialogue of critical thinking versus following the crowd. 

In this episode, they will have an open conversation on how we can learn to be conscious of our choices.

  • Why are we in such a hurry?
  • What is the herd mentality all about?
  • What is the value of our time/energy/money?
  • Monkey see, Monkey do
  • How to step away from the queue and step into a culture of kindness?


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Mike Saunders, MBA

Mike Saunders is theAuthority Positioning Coach at Marketing Huddle, the author of Amazon Bestselling book Authority Selling™, Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities, contributor to The Huffington Post, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council – an invitation-only community for the World’s Most Influential Business Coaches.